Presenting AR for Real Estate

Augmented & Virtual Reality is emerging to be recognized as the most effective ‘Sales & Investor Engagement’ tool in the global Real Estate industry. We simulate 3D models of your project to empower your sales team or direct customer.



Tensible helps dynamic organizations implement contemporary engagement models that enable their customers, employees or other stakeholders experience reality in high-definition, three-dimensional detail, while being able to interact with the product or situation without having to be in a specific location, and most of all, be able to experience reality before making a decision or embarking on an experience. Simply put, we develop technological solutions based on augmented and virtual reality that have unlimited applications for a range of industries including commercial, industrial and non-commercial organizations.

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Since ideas do not know geographic boundaries, we have been able to operate a location independent business model. Over the last two years, our footprint has expanded beyond South East Asia.

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Interactive VR (VR Ready)

Tensible’s Interactive VR solutions have extensive applicability across different industries. It is widely used in trainings and other real-life scenario simulations to impart critical hands-on experience of responding to occupational hazards safety trainings, emergencies, following protocols, or mastering a complex routine.

Control your surroundings

Interactive VR enables users to manipulate the virtual environment as per their preference, allowing them control over their surroundings

Covers wide range of industries

Our VR is especially useful for simulating oil and gas installations emergency response, fire-drill and evacuation, military training, bomb disposal, de-mining operations and civil defence procedures

Effective Product Demos

A strong business case for sellers to create experiences at trade shows for customers to interact with product or an equipment to create a long lasting and unparalleled brand recognition

OUR Services

Tensible creates ideas that redefine the way businesses and their customers engage. We develop immersive experience solutions based on augmented and virtual reality, geo-located and marker-triggered immersive experience and sales force intelligence tools to engineer customer experience that goes beyond extra-ordinary.

Marker or Surface Scan AR

Applications that when triggered super-impose 3D structure or information on a surface/ printed marker when viewed . [...]


Interactive VR (VR Ready)

We design simulated programs to provide realistic operations of complex systems for training, [...]


Social AR filters and Lenses

Augmented Reality filters and lenses are programs that superimposes computer generated images or [...]


Geo-Location AR

This category uses device GPS location to super-impose information on augmented real environment. [...]


360 Virtual Tours and Architectural Visualization

We empower state-of-the-art immersive outdoor and indoor 3D Virtual Tours of planned, under-progress and [...]


AR Product Staging (Demonstration)

We also help businesses provide engaging product demos to their customers. [...]



Augerety 2.0 is our Flagship AR Engine, powering state-of-the-art gyroscopic external view and internal virtual walk-through of project, using any smart device. Experience the Tomorrow Today

Experience the Tomorrow Today

  • Sensitive to a physical marker when scanned through a smart device, it seamlessly overlays HD 3D model over it.

  • Works with 3D structural layers, each to be sliced for steelwork, glasswork, ventilation, doll-house view or external landscaping.

  • Provides gyroscopic, gestural interface & query submission.

  • Multiple interactive points to give access to view an immersive 360 degree interior design of the building.


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AR / VR solution are widely used in the Real Estate industry for providing virtual tours, aerial, external and internal walkthroughs of real estate projects. Its marker or surface scan feature enable it to be used on company brochures, newspaper ads and other types of communication materials to trigger the virtual tour when the customer scans it via their phones camera. The solution uses VR headgear to empower virtual tour with more immersive experience.

AR is widely applicable in the apparel and fashion industry for product trial and visualization purposes. These solutions enable customers to try a product and visualize it on-themselves without having to actually wear the product saving time and speedup a potential sale.

AR marker scan (Augerety) enables potential car buyers to take a 360 degree view of the car exterior and interior and also to experience special features of an automobile such as turning on headlights, opening sunroof, opening vertical doors etc. This is useful especially where the business targets to reduce the test drive requests and to increase the market coverage.

Furniture and interior design companies use AR solutions for demonstrating different proposals to their customers. Customers can try different furniture and interior design styles/ colors in their homes by pointing their mobile in the direction of the target location of the furniture.

Interactive VR solution are most widely used in Oil, Gas and Chemical industries for training and safety drill purposes. Users can simulate different emergency situations such as rig fire, underwater leak, harmful gas releases, widespread power outage etc. and train staff to appropriately respond to the situation in real settings. These solutions are very effective since their user can experience the outcome of different actions they take in such situations and can learn through experience the most appropriate way of response.

Social AR filters and lenses are widely used in FMCG, and beverages customer engagement promotional and digital brand activation campaigns. These solutions are most useful for facilitating brand-customer interaction and for increasing social media penetration of a brand.

In aviation, Interactive VR is used to train cabin crew and frequent flyers on evacuation procedures in case of cabin fires and emergency landings. Civil Defence authorities use VR in rescue and fire department training programs and war readiness trainings.

In military and defence industry Interactive VR is already widely in use in the form of war simulation games, aerial dogfight strategy training and aircraft carrier landing. However, our solutions provide customized training for real life scenarios such as de-mining operations, bomb disposal, land border security and attack deterrence.

Geo-Location AR is being used navigating large space area like shopping malls and airports. Visitors who are unfamiliar with the surroundings can use their mobile to overlay real-time information to find specific product shelve or a nearest restroom or departing gate at airport terminals.

AR / VR is also applied in other industries including product simulations, theme Parks, Hotels, Luxury Retail (Watches, Jewelry, Fashion)


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